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> Reformed Faith & Practice
> Ministry & Leadership archives
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Counseling and Psychology

> State of Mississippi MAGNOLIA Project (Provides access to counseling/psychological databases - You will need to go to a local Jackson/Hinds public library and register for access. Once you are registered, you access MAGNOLIA here.)
> American Psychological Association
> Child Abuse & Neglect
> Current Topics in Psychology
> PsychCrawler
> PsychWeb
> American Psychoanalytic Association
> Society for Research Into Child Development
> Student Counseling Centers on the Internet: A Directory for Counseling Center Professionals

Bible Study
> Free Online Bible Commentaries
> Bible Gateway
> Bible Study Tools  (Includes Nave's Topical Bible and Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology
> Biblical Studies Foundation
> Blueletter Bible Maps and Images
> Calvin's Commentaries
> Complutensian_Polyglot Bible
> Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism
> Learning New Testament Greek
> Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
> Navigating the Bible  (A Jewish site)
> Worldwide Study Bible
> The Paul Page : dedicated to the new perspective on Paul
> ECanon : online search engine for canonical texts
> The Bible and interpretation
> Tyndale House - Doorway to Biblical Studies


Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church
Christian Reformed Church
Evangelical Presbyterian Church
The Free Church of Scotland
Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland
The Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Church in America
The Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Presbyterian Reformed Church
Presbyterian Reformed Church of Australia
The Protestant Reformed Churches in America
Reformed Episcopal Church
> Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland
> Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America


> The Mission Work of the Presbyterian Church in the United States in China, 1867-1952
> The Christian Missions Home Page & The Great Commission Search Engine
> Global Mapping International
> ICLnet Guide to Christian Missions on the Internet
> Missiology Resource Guide
> Mission Research Network
> Missions Resource Directory
> Urbana
> Mundus : gateway to missionary collections in the United Kingdom

Religion, Comparative

> Finding God in Cyberspace: A Guide to Religious Studies Resources on the Internet
> Religious Studies Internet Links
> Religious Studies Web Guide
> Virtual Religion Index: Links for Research on Religion
> Wabash Center Guides to Internet Resources in Religion

> The Holy Quran
> Qur'an in Arabic - English translation
> The Islamic Resources Server

> Buddhist Resources LinksPitaka
> Buddhist Studies - WWW Virtual Library
> Center for Buddhist Studies, National Taiwan University
> Journal of Buddhist Ethics

> www.hindu.org - The Directory of Hindu Resources Online

> Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory
> Judaica Collection
> Judaism and Jewish Resources
> Maven: The Virtual Know-it-all


>Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
> The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
> The Exchange for Sermon and Worship Ideas
> History of Rhetoric links
> Sermon Illustrations
> Sermons & Sermon-Lectionary Resources
> The Text This Week - Revised Common Lectionary Links & Resources
> Webster's Dictionary

> Brown Electronic Article Review Service
> Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names
> Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind
> Episteme Links: Philosophy Resources on the Internet
> Ethics Updates
> Exploring Plato's Dialogues
> Noesis - online philosophy search engine
> Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
> Marx/Engels Internet Archive
> Philosophy around the Web
> Philosophy Pages
> Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Nearby Library Catalogs

National Library Catalog

> Worldcat.org

Paper Writing

Turabian Citation Formats
> Thesis Proposal Example 1 , Example 2 , Example 3e
> Personal Bibliographic Management (PBM) Software Options
> RTS Style and Format Guide


Free (mostly) Article & eBook databases
> Paideia Press - Dutch Reformed books online (pdf)
> Directory of Open Access to Books
> Directory of Open Access to Journals
> Directory of Open Access Repositories
> Christian Reformed Church Periodical Index
> Biblical Bibliography of Lausanne
> Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
> Bibliotheca Augustana
> Christian Classics Ethereal Library
> Directory of Electronic Text Centers
> British Library ETHOS - Dissertation PDFs for free
> Dissertation.com
> Internet Christian Library
> Making of America
> National Public Library Index
> Oxford Text Archive
> Dissertations Express (UMI) ( $ )
> Theological Research Exchange Network (TREN) ( $ )
> Project Gutenberg
> Article Finder ( $ )
> Ingenta ( $ )
> ETANA : electronic tools and ancient Near Eastern archives
> ARCHIVE.ORG -a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form

Theology, General
> Adherents.com
> Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative : CDRI
> Institute for Theology and Peace
> Revised Common Lectionary
> Wabash Center Guide - Religion on the Web
> Christian Classics Ethereal Library
> The church in the southern Black community
> Hartford Institute for Religion Research
> Index Verborum: Martin Luther's German writings
> Resources for American Christianity
> American Religion Data Archive (ARDA)
> Computer-Assisted Theology: Internet Resources
> Phil Johnson's Bookmarks
> THEOLDI: Documentation of Theological and Interdisciplinary Literature
> Yale University Library Research Guide for Christianity
> Duke Divinity School, Internet Resources in Religion and Theology
> Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics
> All in One Christian Index
> Catholic Resources on the Internet
> Christianity Online
> Internet Christian Library
> RTS Library Internet Links
> Reformation Ink
> Puritan Library
> Tyndale House - Doorway to Biblical Studies

Anthropology and Sociology
> Africa South of the Sahara
> Anthropological Index Online  - Search bibliographic references to over 700 periodicals.
> CARLA: Culture and Language Learning
> Encyclopedia of the Orient
> Ethnologue: Languages of the World
> IDF Liste des Moteurs de Recherche - French Language Search Site
> Handbook of Latin American Studies Index
> Internet Resources for Latin America
> Social Indicators of Development (World Bank)
> Sociology Resources from Online Sociology Degree.Net
> Sociology Ring
> The SocioWeb
> Standards: An International Journal of Multicultural Studies
> World Factbook - CIA data is available for over 250 countries
> ETANA : electronic tools and ancient Near Eastern archives

Church History

> The Catholic Encyclopedia
> Christian Classics Ethereal Library
> The Christian History Institute
> Church History Timeline
> Hall of Church History

Early Church
> Augustine on the Internet
> Augustine's "Confessions"
> The Church Fathers
> Ancient Maps of Jerusalem

Medieval Period
University of Edinburgh School of Dinity Resources
> Byzantine and Medieval Web Links
> Gregorian Chant Home Page
> The Internet Medieval Sourcebook
> Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies
> The Summa Theologiae On Line
> Journal of Medieval Philosophy and Theology
> Peter Lombard, including the Four Sentences
> Medieval Church Historical Documents

> John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion Beveridge Edition
> Calvin's Commentaries
> Calvin and Calvinism - primary source documents
> Selected Works of Martin Luther (1483-1546)
> Project Wittenberg
> John Owen Homepage
> The Reformed and Post-Reformation Creeds and Councils
> Dr. Hans Rollerman's Reformation Page
Reformation Ink
> Puritan Library

Modern Era
> An R. L. Dabney Anthology
> Jonathan Edwards Center
> Into the Wardrobe: The C. S. Lewis Web Site
> Charles Spurgeon Page

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